DIY Wooden Sign with Stickers

I’ve been obsessed with wooden signs and have been desperately trying to re-create my own… none of them turning out how I anticipated. Prior to discovering the genius method used below, I was using stencils. Stencils are great, but I wasn’t getting the look I had wanted, and trying to paint the letters freehand wasn’t an option for me, it would’ve been disastrous! SO — I found an amazing, life changing post from Mallory and that uses scrap-booking letters in place of stencils. YES!

What You’ll Need:

-2 Paint colors of your choice. I used Martha Stewart’s “Wedding Cake” and “Acorn”. I also used a craft store brand of black. All acrylic paints, all in gloss.

-Wooden board/piece of wood


First I painted my wooden board white (the letters will be white) and added my stickers. It’s always best to measure and create straight lines, but I skipped that step so I can’t say that my letters are PERFECTLY straight. 😛 Oh well.. I also made sure to really press down the letters before I painted the top coat.


Next I painted the whole sign in a light brown color. I did two coats and was very happy with my results. I’d caution on using several coats of the paint, just because the letters may get “soggy” and paint may leak underneath. IMG_4621

I made sure my paint was completely dry before peeling up the stickers. Tweezers work best, but I couldn’t find mine, so I used my fingernail to peel up the stickers.


There were some spots of brown paint on the white letters, so I did touch-ups to each letter as needed.

I felt that my sign could use a little “something” extra, so I busted out my stencils from Martha Stewart. I didn’t have any chocolate brown paint, so I mixed some black paint with my light brown paint.




And VOILA — my final result! Can’t wait to hang it above our stove 🙂







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